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Provding one-station cross-border e-commerce supply chain service for ebay,amazon,wish merchants

Our cross-border e-commerce logistic services include Sourcing agent, order fulfillment, inventory management, valued added, international shipping, customs clearance services – that provide you one station solution so you can reach customers in every corner of the globe without having to expand your company infrastructure.

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We provide comprehensive services for cross border ecommerce, including souring,delivery, warehousing, and fulfillment.


Co-Logistics provides services on air & sea freight forwarding, express, wareshousing and inland transportation service in China.


We support dropship service. You buy from us , and we provide you no watermarked photos and ship the products directly to your customers from our wholesale dropship warehouse in China

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Welcome To Co-Logistics

"Co-Logistics" means 1+1>2, which originates from a typical case: Adam Smith for his embroidery. It needs 48 days for one person to finish one needle, but if we divide it into 48 procedures, each conducted by one person, then 48 persons can finish 1000 needles within one day, with average 20 needles for each person. The cooperation effect plays in similar way in logistic industry. The manufacturers focus on their own production, while the logistic enterprises provide individualized logistic service based on their own specialty and resources. With the utmost cooperation between manufacturers and logistic enterprises, 1+1>2 effects thus comes into being.

We defined ourselves as the Supply Chain Management enterprise at our very begining of establishment, and dedicated to provide value added service for customers. We not only simply a logistics service only for ocean and air freight, but also a comprehensive SCM enterprise who provides grobal SCM and individualized service for the customers from various countries, with our everlasting objective to create more value for them.

CEO, Raymond Zhong

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